Home Headache Remedies

Trying to get rid of a horrible headache is hard– especially when you don’t want to take pain killers.

So that got me thinking about what natural healing methods there are… and which ones are realistic and which ones are just plain silly.

  • Applying an ice pack to the painful aread of your head. GOOD
  • Take a warm bath or shower. GOOD
  • Take a nap or a walk. GOOD
  • Treat yourself to a massage. GOOD But expensive– maybe ask the hubby to rub your back and neck.
  • Cinnamon mixed in tea–YUMMY… But not when they recommend to apply it to your temples directly- MESSY
  • Tea with lemon– YUM/GOOD
  • …But maybe not applying Lemon Crust/Paste onto your forehead– STICKY
  • An apple a day– ALWAYS GOOD
  • Flowers of Henna mixed with Vinegar and applied to the forehead– INTERESTING… but where does one get Henna??
  • Sniffing Steam- GOOD but then I’ve also heard steam from soaked rosemary helps- INTERESTING
  • Yoga– GOOD but not my style
  • Eating Chocolate- especially a square of Dark– YUMMY and something I could get used to as a remedy!
  • Chewing on Ice- CRAZY and Bad for your teeth!
  • Drinking Coffee or other caffinated beverages– GOOD but then you have to pee a lot.
  • Maple Syrup in hot water to drink- MAYBE and very Canadian
  • Mix fresh cloves with vaseline and rub on your temples– RECIPE or really bad remedy?

Ugh… my head hurts just from thinking about all the possibilities.

(Word of Caution: try these at your own risk. I’m not a medical professional or a Grandmother or Old Wife)

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