Golden Globes: Best and Worst, Beards and Weirdos

Last night I was being a tv nerd and loving every minute of it.

The 68th Annual Golden Globes were held in Beverly Hills. The red carpet was filled with dressed up celebs. Some looked great and others looked silly. Trends and colors for 2011 were seen.

Here’s my take on things:

Pinks and Reds were hot!!!!

 Natalie Portman- one hot mama! Elegant and comfy and pretty in pink.

  Scarlett Johansonn- looks old and too vintage in light pink

 Sofia Vergara- smokin hot tamala! Red and Black classic number with a train

 Lea Michele- blushing and bashful youngster. too big for her britches!

 Michelle Williams- flower power gone wrong, but the makeup looks great.

 Claire Danes- blonde bomshell in sweet pink number from Calvin Klein

 Emma Stone- peachy keen jelly bean, and perfectly simple.

 January Jones- Mad Men star gone mad but sexy. Would looke even better without the fringe along the bottom.

 Christina Hendrick- red hair is great but the dress is overdone.

 Helena Bonham Carter- mismatched shoes are the least of her problems

Beard Trend grows in 2011: case in point- the celebs at the Golden Globes

  • Brad Pitt- mini beard but much to love
  • Jake Gyllenthaal- on the move and growing as an actor
  • host Ricky Gervais- bearded but not funny last night. He was very offensive
  • Ryan Gosling- just a five o’clock shadow- but a good looking shadow at that.
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson- modern family- modern fuzz
  • most of the male cast of Dexter- my favorite show!!

Jim has a beard and although he isn’t a celeb- he’s my favorite person and i hope he continues the style


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