With Valentine’s Day approaching I’ve been thinking of possible gifts for Jim. And now with our changed income, I’m all about saving money. I’m looking for the perfect gift on a budget. Design diva turned frugalista!

Here’s some of my ideas and online findings; something for every budget (low to high):

  • Jim loves pretzel M&M’s, so I could buy a big bag and put them in a cute box with a ribbon = estimated cost $8.00 including the gift wrap.


  • Jim got the kit for Christmas to make his own beer. I’m thinking about getting label paper and designing custom labels for the beer he is brewing.  The Home Brewery offers a wide selection of print ready self-adhesive labels, perfect designed for beer bottles. 32 matte finish, simple shape labels = $8.50 plus the time and design.


  • Guys can’t have enough t-shirts, so the create a custom t-shirt function/product on Zazzle is perfect. It allows you to add photos, text, and/or logos. There is no minimum and you can order at little as one shirt for $12.95. Plus there are 400+ styles and colors to choose from.

  • Photo-Opoly Board Game, includes instructions and materials to include up to 22 of your favorite photos. It’s available at Toys-R-Us and Amazon for $26.00. You can even customize the titles for properties… which is something I know my man would enjoy. He would like coming up with funny names.

  • We recently received an Ice Cream Maker as a gift. I’ve been thinking about learning how to operate it and then making a special ice cream social/50’s style Valentine’s night. Then I could have banana splits or a sundae for 2 and then other fun foods. Cost = ingredients for flavored ice cream since we already have the mix, and any cost for food and drinks for that meal. Budget = $35-$45


  • I’ve been saying that Jim could really use a nice comfy set of pajamas and/or a comfy robe to lounge around in. In searching for a store that carries robes, it was hard to find one with product in an actual location. Many carried them online only or online boutiques. Macy’s and Kohl’s seem to be the department stores closest to where we live that carry nice ones. Priced around $20 – $50.  And all the pajama sets are really corny looking or flannel so maybe I’ll just stick with the robe.

Croft and Barrow Solid Long Plush Wrap Robe

  • In our new home, Jim could use a guys night. Plus my gift could be stocking the bar. The guys could enjoy drinks and play video games or watch sports (and I could enjoy time with the girls). PRICELESS guy time plus cost of food and drinks = $60-$80. This could even be used for the super-bowl or a birthday gift.

(based on my husband Jim, but could work for the special man in your life/also feel free to combine ideas)

And although Jim might read this, I’m not worried about spoiling any surprise. Men are great like that. You can tell them something and they will most likely not hear you or listen but forget about it all together.

And you can never go wrong with gifts of food and beer. It’s true what they say– the best/quickest way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach!

Happy V-Day Shopping!


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