With all this free time on my hands I’ve been thinking of ways I can be creative.

I read a posting on Martha Stewart about Maura Madden. She is a comedian/writer for Comedy Central. In her spare time she started hosting crafting parties with friends and associates in her apartment.

That get together grew and soon they held it in coffee shops and community centers… and now it’s grown so much that it is held at the New York City Public Library. It’s also created off-shoots for all kinds of meetings and craft making through the libary.

Maura has since written a book about getting artsy and crafty with your friends. I really want to get this book. Organized my month and theme, the book offers great ideas, recipes and ways to celebrate the art of DIY/crafting, and share memories with friends, old and new.

I’m encouraged to host a crafting party with my friends. We could get together and make fun valentine’s and other things.

I already have a box and bags full of stuff we could use. Plenty of glitter, glue, cool papers and such… and we can always hit up Michaels or A.C. Moore. And it can never hurt to add to my supplies.

My friends can bring their talents and we can colaborate on special keepsakes to have for years. I know these other graphic designs, fasionistas, photographers and art lovers (and even the left brained folk) can bring something to the table.

Any takers? It doesn’t have to be an afternoon– it can be a weeknight or Sunday afternoon. I can even make some sweet treats and hot drinks– or even better we could have a pot luck or cookie swap!

“At moments of great enthusiasm it seems to me that no one in the world has ever made something this beautiful and important.”
::: M.C. Escher :::

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