Here Comes the Sun

Loving this sunshine! It really brightens my mood.

Jim told me the other day that likes the new me. He said since things have changed on the career front that I’ve been more relaxed and easy-going. At first I didn’t think I there was much of a change… but then I realized that stress can really weigh you down… and also that fresh air, sunlight and no commute really altered things for the better.

I’m totally enjoying this time off and taking advantage. I love that I get to see Jim more hours of the day and that I actually have time to do things around the house.

Don’t get me wrong- I loved my job and what I did. But this forced change helped me realize how much strain I put on myself. My mind isn’t as cluttered and I’m healthier. I have more time to relax but also more time to be outside and get some much-needed fresh air.

Sunlight really does have health benefits. especially during the winter months when people are more prone to depression. Getting sun helps nourish and energize the body (vitamin D to be exact).

  • Strengthening of cardiovascular system
  • Normalizing blood pressure as well as blood sugar
  • Increased metabolism and aiding in weight loss
  • Ensuring proper kidney function by eliminating waste and enhancing liver function
  • Improving digestion
  •  And above all the proven health benefits, sunshine has a magical power to alter your mood and cheer you up. So let’s all try to get healthy amounts of sunlight and lighten all our moods. And just think… Spring is around the corner!

    “It’s the big changes in life that are the best inspiration for shaking up your entire attitude.” – Nina Garcia, fashion editor for Marie Claire


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