DIY to Save a Dime

Being at home and trying to save money makes you start rethinking the items and services you pay for.

I’ve realized there are a lot of things we can either do without or do ourselves to save some dough. Some things we already do on our own.

For example:

  • Jim cuts his own hair (and trims his beard).
  • I skip on the nail salon and do my own mani and pedicures.
  • Jim being an accountant/auditor- he does our taxes online.
  • During house remodeling, we painted everything ourselves and did the electrical and some plumbing. No need to hire a handyman when you have a somewhat handy-hubby.
  • No landscapers needed, as Jim mows the lawn and trims the hedges himself.
  • Living in the suburbs near a large city, we are able to make do with only one car for the time being.
  • We bought a bucket and products and now wash our car at home in the driveway.
  • We’ve been eating lunch at home and/or taking meals to work.
  • Not that I drink coffee that often, but when I do I’ve been having a cup at home.
  • And if this beer kit works out- Jim can make his own beer, haha! lol


But what else can we do?

  • We could learn how to change our own oil and fluids in the car.
  • Come the spring we can use our rain barrel from the gutters to water plants.
  • Maybe we can try our hands at insulating our hot water pipes.
  • We need to look into the energy savings by switching the originator from PECO to someone else. Has anybody done this yet?
  • Keep tires properly inflated. It keeps you safe and costs less on gas. Never realized that it saved on gas!!
  • As our light bulbs burn out, we should replace them with CFL bulbs to save on electricity… and they will also have to be changed less often after that.


And we should always:

  • If shopping online, we need to always use coupon codes from websites like Coupon Cabin.
  • We shoud always try and find the cheapest gas… this means definitely filling up in New Jersey when visiting relatives and friends.
  • Hopefully this year we can make sure we don’t throw food out. Either not buying things we know we won’t eat or make sure to use things before they go bad.
  • Keep using coupons and discount shopping!

Hoping to grow our money and save some in the process of making our house a home. $$$$$$$


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