Snow Storm Checklist

Crazy weather means you need a checklist… and no not a grocery list for Milk and Bread- lol

As still fairly new homeowners, we have gotten a crash course this winter in how to deal with the snow. No snowblower means back-breaking shoveling and digging out the car in the driveway.

Along the way we’ve learned a few tricks… so now it’s almost like a checklist for each storm.

  • Salt for sidewalks
  • Shovels with good handles and metal edge or bottom
  • Pam or cooking spray- YES really! It’s good to spray the shovels so the ice, snow and slush don’t stick
  • Scrapers for the car windows– equipped with a brush (so forget the broom) and long pole (for us short people)
  • And never leave the scraper in the car
  • Leave the windshield wipers point up so they don’t get frozen down.
  • Clean rain gutters and drains
  • Find the boots and bundle up.
  • And maybe make friends with the guy down the street with a snowblower… or keep an eye out for one on sale at The Home Depot (yes Dad we shop there, it’s closer than Lowe’s).

Our house has a mudroom which is perfect for storing all the supplies and a great place to dry out clothes after playing in the snow. And I’m excited because we just purchased a bench and shelf to put in the mudroom. It will be a great place to store gloves, hats, umbrellas and things for all the snow that’s sure to come since winter isn’t over. I’ll have to add a picture to the house album I’m making with before and after photos.

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow! We have a snow day together but for those of you that made the trek to work… be safe and stay warm!


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