The Year of the Rabbit

The rabbit or hare is the 4th animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. This symbol is associated with the spring months, the morning and wood/earthy colors.

Following the year of the strong tiger, this rabbit/year will be a good time to recover and rebuild. To celebrate the year starting February 3rd, maybe a nice dinner with friends is in order.


Meri Meri Chinese Take Out Box; $22.00 per box of eight


Holiday Lanterns

Festive Holiday Lanterns; $10.99/pkg of three

Tabletop items (plates, napkins, etc.)

No chinese party is complete without the color red. It symbolizes full life and celebrating all living things. It is bold and true.


A traditional Chinese New Year menu would include fish, noodles, sticky rice cakes, etc. Dumplings are an everyday favorite that can be served with special dipping sauces for this special occasion.

Dessert could include:

Chocolate Candy

Chinese New Year Chocolate Candy Recipe

Peanut Cookies

Chinese-Style Peanut Cookie Recipe

Sweet Bread Dough

Chinese Sweet Bun Dough Recipe

And if you don’t feel like cooking, everyone could order their favorite take out items and share. Then you can get the fortune cookies and read them aloud!


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