So excited! My Tatsefully Simple Shipment Arrived

UPS just delivered my Tastefully Simple order!!

Tastefully Simple (est. 1995) - The food you love, the time you deserve. (tm)

I went to a friend’s house two weeks ago for a demo/tasting party. I had heard about this line of products before but had never tried it. However, I know my friend would use products to make great treats for parties she had or when she brought something to an event. So I was eager to participate and see what was available.

Tastefully simple is geared towards the food lover who doesn’t always have time to prepare tasty meals or treats. It’s for the hostess who wants an easy way to create appetizers; for the Mom who is too busy to marinate and pre-season; and even for the person looking to buy a special gift for their foodie friend.

It’s not just for special occasions, but for everyday cooking.

I’m looking forward to trying the items I purchased. And I’m also excited to try all the recipes the company offers that use the various products, some combining a few different ones.

I ordered beer bread mix, a slow cooker sauce for BBQ, various mixes for dips, and of course some interesting seasoning mixes.

Not sure what I’ll try first but I’ll be sure to share my thoughts feedback.

Since I have food on the brain… I wanted to share some photos of the recipes that I cooked last week.

Texas Cornbread– and still some leftover that we’ve been eating with soup and chili.

Spicy Italian Roast Beef– made yummy sandwiches. Not sure what to do with all the leftovers but maybe it would be good with rice or noodles…

Now I’m thinking ahead for this week’s meals and the big game this weekend. Not sure if we will be attending any game day parties but at least I’ll be prepared in case I need to bring something– maybe a creamy Tastefully simple dip?!


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