Chocolate Covered Goodness?

Chocolate comes in many forms.

Chocolate chips, bars, syrup… the kinds are almost endless. And over the years the food world has seen chocolate taken to new levels. Extremes really – where chocolate is used to cover more than just strawberries and raisins.

Cherries and pretzels are great covered in chocolate but there are some strange offerings out there.

I’ve heard about chocolate-covered Bacon, Pickles (Snooki likes these), Potato Chips. There are chocolate-covered gummie bears and even chocolate-covered chick peas. In the south they have covered jerky. For a spicy treat, try the chocolate-covered chili peppers. Also the dark chocolate edamame from Trader Joe’s sounds interesting.

But of all these oddities I’ve seen or heard of… the strangest is the ONION! We recently watched an episode of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel. Andrew Zimmern came to Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market to try this novelty.

Chocolate by Mueller created it as a gag gift sometime in the 80’s and now it’s a chocolate cult classic.

Although this seems like a great draw for tourists– it’s kind of sad that chocolate is wasted on something that people know will taste terrible. Even Andrew Zimmern who eats strange foods for a living said it was not appetizing. That’s saying a lot considering he thinks odd animals parts, bugs, etc. are delectable.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for trying new foods. However, if the food needs chocolate to make it taste better, then there’s a problem. Chocolate is sweet and rich but will never change the fact that a raw onion is pungent. Let’s just leave chocolate alone and stop messing with a good thing.


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