Fashion Forward February

It’s Fashion Week in NYC. Feb. 10-17.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week’s Fall 2011 Collections to be precise.

I can’t help but wonder what fashion has in store for Fall. The essence of fashion is change. Imagine yourself transformed in the best patterns, colors and fabrics.

The forecast for our weather is great. Today and this weekend brings warmer temperatures.

The forecast for fall fashions seems to be color– but for your hair. Maybe change your hair color while updating your wardrobe.

Runways and collections show sexy silhouettes, black lace, versatile fabrics, nice tailoring and layers. Rich textiles and textures make an appearance (like leathers, feathers and furs). Hopefully nothing too harsh that will piss off PETA…

It’s all about the senses. Visual appealing elements and tactile features. Touch/feel is important to both the wearer and the audience. Crinkled, fringed, rough, smooth, shiny— words that come to mind in describing pieces found on this years runways. Texture was also found in the hair styles shown by the models.

Luxury and craftmanship isn’t just for furniture and decor. Designers pull inspiration from different places, then find the right fabrics and collections begin to tell a story.

Combinations, collaborations, connections– fall fashions are blended. Different elements come together to make a strong force for the modern woman.

The imagination may not be able to fully conceive all the possibilities and variations that 2011 Fall fashion brings.

This designer is excited to see how the trends in fashion will play out in other industries this year. Innovation is there but inspiration comes from different places. Fashion can be inspired by travel and the environment. Home decor and paint colors may be inspired by current fashion trends. Vintage elements and history also inspire. So as much as designers create new things… all design is taken from other things.

Just like the seasons and weather, these things are cyclical.


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