Saving Some Benjamins

When did Presidents Day become such a day for savings?

This holiday has turned into just a day off for federal employees (Jim loves it) and a day/weekend for people to enjoy lots of sales.  I haven’t seen anything in the news or our community about anything Presidential.

Maybe the schools highlight and honor our founding fathers… but I don’t see how 30-70% off is doing anything to remind us of our great leaders.

I don’t want to complain about saving money because I’m all for that, however I think if this day is so important then somebody should figure out a way we can celebrate our history and historical figures.

I haven’t come up with any ideas yet but if I do maybe I’ll write to my congressman. haha

Today, since Jim had off work, we went shopping and ordered our dining room furniture. It was nice to take advantage of the special sales– so thank you Mr. President (current and past) for this day to save some dough.


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