Inconvenience Yourself Day

It’s National “Inconvenience Yourself Day”, and today I did just that…

When your unemployed the job search feels like a job in itself. And although I’m trying to create my own business from home, I’m still required to follow the career services regiment that is part of unemployment benefits.

I spent half my day at a local office sitting through an orientation and presentation. I’m sure the career services offered in Pennsylvania are great resources for people… but for me and my current situation it just felt like an inconvenience to be forced to sit there.

I dont’ need help with my resume or computer skills or training or career guidance. Maybe the system would be better served if the agency did a quick assessment via phone or online to determine if claimants need or wish to learn or use their services. I feel like it was a waste of my time and theirs. And I’m sure there were other people in attendance who felt the same way.

I’m tired and could use a nap. I’m not used to getting up early, and today I had to take Jim to work so I could borrow the car. I don’t want to be bothered any more today.

Maybe dinner will magical cook itself!!!


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