Oscar Worthy Opinions

The Academy Awards air tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.

I’m excited to watch the red carpet and all the stars dressed to the nines. And although that’s usually my favorite part this year I’m more excited to see the hosts.

Critics and the media have been talking about the “youth movement”. This year we’ve seen young plotlines and nominees and most importantly the youngest emcees since 1976.

We’ll see how things go and if this is more of a trend or just a fluke.

In my opinion this influx of young talent is normal. Industries have cyclical patterns. It’s only natural for an industry to relish in generational changes. Young actors become successful all the time… and this year just has an overwhelming amount.

Youth has been and will continue creating, guiding and shaping the film industry. With new technology and younger viewers, films are watched in new ways and demand fresh ideas and faces. The economy is changing and the entertainment world is impacted. We may continue to see younger actors in lead roles, as their pay grade isn’t as high as someone like Julia Roberts.

The target market will probably be watching tonight’s broadcast from their i-pads!


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