Home Sweet Philly

It feels nice to be home and getting back into a routine.

My trip down to NC was great and very relaxing, but it always feels good coming home. And now, although it’s sad to say, home is my house/life here in Philly. Before we got married and bought a house… I still called my parents house in NC– home.  Coming back from this trip was strange. My first minutes in our house felt different, but in a good way. The house felt more permanent instead of like an apartment where you know you won’t always live. The house is really ours– we own it and it feels comfy and normal. I feel safe and secure here and I love working with Jim to decorate and give it our own style.

And now with the weather getting better and spring on the horizon– I’m enjoying the house even more. Our calendar is filling up so fast and I’m feeling the best yet this year.

It’s been hard the past month or so but I’ve come to terms with things and realized that I truly get to take advantage of having this time at home. I never knew just how much I loved cooking and crafting and how unhappy and stressed I was before.

At home and happy is the best feeling!


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