Liquid Courage… more like liquid diet

Going to the dentist is like “pulling teeth”– haha!

And in this case that’s exactly what happened to me. Yesterday I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled. I was nervous before had and really wished I had something to steady my nerves… but I’m sure it wouldn’t be smart to get drunk before having this procedure.

I was pretty lucky. Jim had told me what to expect since he went through this recently. And thank goodness for numbing agents. I didn’t really feel much… just weird that’s all. Having someone feel around in your mouth loosening your tooth and also the slight cracking noise.

The worst part was honestly the bleeding. It lasts longer than you expect and it isn’t pleasant to have wads of gauze in your mouth all night. I did sleep well (thanks to some advil liqui-gels) and didn’t have much pain this morning.

So today I get to lounge around the house and crash on the couch. It’s the perfect day to be recovering— it’s raining! I just wish I could eat. I’m starving and all I can think of is food. The whole liquid diet sucks. Drinking fluids helps my mouth feel good but I have to pee like every twenty minutes. I had some applesauce for breakfast but there isn’t much in this house I can eat. Guess we didn’t plan this out very well.

I could make some jell-o but the thought of that makes me sick. Pudding would be nice or even a milkshake. I’m hoping to get a chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s later. But for now I’ll have some broth from chicken soup and keep dreaming about things like pasta and cheesesteaks.

If I get really hungry and down— I guess I could whip up a smoothie of some sort… although I don’t know that I have anything besides milk and some frozen fruit. Does anybody have a great smoothie recipe? Or any recipe or menu that required limited chewing?


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