Getting a hop on Easter

We’ve been in our home just about 1 year now. And although we’ve had friends over for a house-warming and many events, we haven’t officially hosted a holiday meal or had the whole family over. But that’s about to change…

Jim and I will be hosting Easter dinner in our home. I’m excited but nervous at the same time. I’ve never cooked a ham, let alone an entire holiday meal. Easter seems easy enough, right?

Decorations √

Dinnerware and serving platters √

Dining room furniture and china cabinet (finally) √

Menu and Recipes not finalized…

So as you can see I’m trying to get a jump on my Easter planning. Everything else is taken care of except the cooking and cleaning. I need to determine my menu and start gathering ingredients.

Any ideas for great recipes or family favorites?

Traditionally, both our families served ham for Easter which makes things easy– except again… I’ve never cooked one on my own. Guess there’s a first for everything! Then usually at least one kind of potato and some veggies. Jim’s family is used to having the home fries/yummy fried potatoes that his mom cooks. Guess I’ll need to try to replicate her potatoes. I know it will take a few attempts, but I know Jim won’t mind being my taste tester! haha

Biscuits or rolls? Dessert? Should I fix any starters or appetizers? OMG someone help! I know I tend to go overboard so I need to plan a simple menu and make things easy for my self for once.

We will celebrate at dinner time– so maybe I should fix something special for breakfast/brunch… especially if my parents are coming. Maybe a breakfast casserole is the easiest– although french toast sounds good. Or maybe I could try to master my Gram’s famous Cinnamon Buns!

Besides all the good food– I hope to prepare Easter Eggs in interesting ways. I have some supplies and I’m gathering different techniques that will allow me to create artistic and even keepsake eggs. Guess this will be my first time blowing out eggs and draining the shells so they will last. It’s been years since I’ve dyed eggs but I remember how fun it was. Jim thinks it’s childish but I think it’s just a craft or activity that I can do using the creativity and all the time on my hands. I certainly have plenty of time to ensure that every little detail is right.

Good thing I’m getting an early start to my Easter plans! Hosting my first family holiday is certainly a challenge but it had to happen sometime. I think I’m up for the challenge!


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