I put the Pro in procrastinator— but no longer

Day 2 of following my work at home schedule… it’s going alright. I’m using Jim’s PC laptop to get online stuff done faster. Then I’ll be doing design stuff in my iMac desktop this afternoon.

We talked last night and hopefully within a couple of months I can get a MacBook Pro laptop. I can’t wait until I can design faster and get better organized. Apple offers a great service. When you buy a new computer you can pay them to transfer all data, programs, etc. from the old computer to the new computer. This will be great for me. Then I’m thinking of looking into an online backup system with Comcast so that I don’t need an external hard drive or burning DVD’s all the time.

My business cards should be here today. So excited to see how they turned out! I’ll definitely post pics.

I’m working on a couple of wedding orders currently and Halloween invitations for my favorite client. Let’s call her the glitter lady! All the invitations I’ve ever done for her include glitter. She’s great and gives me a few ideas and let’s me run with the design. Each year we have to top the previous invitation. Getter bigger and better each time. She hosts at least three events each year: Halloween costume party in Philly, winter feast in Maine and then Fourth of July in Maine. For Halloween she gets fully dressed up in disguise and makeup. This year the invitation is slightly based on her Ursula (from the little mermaid) costume. Once the invitations are completed and mailed this weekend… then I’ll post pics.

This weekend is supposed to actually feel like fall– and I cannot wait! It’s been hard to think about and design Halloween invitations when it feels like summer out. I need to get a routine down of looking ahead. Like right now is the time to be thinking of autumn and Thanksgiving invitations and greetings. Then Christmas and Hanukkah are right around the corner.

I have a lot of seasonal designs as well as all other occasions that will be in my etsy shop. So I’m thinking that I should send out a message for my “Grand Opening”. When the time comes I want everyone to know that Maddie and Marry is up and running and taking all kinds of custom orders too.

It feels so good to be getting things done. But I better stop writing and get back to my to-do list… because the list is very long and I don’t want to put things off any longer.

Wish me luck!!!


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