I look forward to doing business with you–

business card


a small card on which is printed, typically, a person’s name, job title, firm, business address, and telephone number.

17th Century visiting cards and then Social Card Etiquette of the 18th and 19th Centuries.
And then of course the Industrial Revolution and modern trade shaped the practice of presenting your business affiliation and leaving behind a reminder of your meeting.
I won’t bore you with the full history of this amazing little 2×3″ ish cut of paper, but feel free to google it or read about it here.
In college I learned all about the design of business cards in terms of text and graphics, but I also learned about modern business card sharing practices. Across the globe giving and receiving business cards differs. In some places it is so casual and in other locations it is a very formal action. In any case it is amazing how something so small as a little card can impart so much information.
If you are lucky enough to work for yourself or for a company that cares about aesthetics, your business card can inspire, highlight personal style and showcase your talent. I’m hoping that my newly created cards will do just that.
Here are a few snapshots taken with my i-phone. This is to give you a taste. Don’t worry– the next time I see you I’ll be sure to present you with one… maybe more if you would pass them out for me. hehe

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