Content in the Kitchen

It feels so good to be in the kitchen!

I’m cooking dinner in the crock pot  (pork and tomato ragout). And more importantly I’m making food to have on hand. I already made some chicken salad for lunches and now I made some pasta and potato salad with extra ingredients from the crock pot.

Iced tea and lemonade made up and then I need to make a dessert tomorrow. We are going to a cousin’s for St. Patrick’s dinner. Not sure what to make yet but I know I’ll have fun looking in cookbooks for the perfect recipe!

message me if you want any recipes that I mention in this blog

Home Sweet Philly

It feels nice to be home and getting back into a routine.

My trip down to NC was great and very relaxing, but it always feels good coming home. And now, although it’s sad to say, home is my house/life here in Philly. Before we got married and bought a house… I still called my parents house in NC– home.  Coming back from this trip was strange. My first minutes in our house felt different, but in a good way. The house felt more permanent instead of like an apartment where you know you won’t always live. The house is really ours– we own it and it feels comfy and normal. I feel safe and secure here and I love working with Jim to decorate and give it our own style.

And now with the weather getting better and spring on the horizon– I’m enjoying the house even more. Our calendar is filling up so fast and I’m feeling the best yet this year.

It’s been hard the past month or so but I’ve come to terms with things and realized that I truly get to take advantage of having this time at home. I never knew just how much I loved cooking and crafting and how unhappy and stressed I was before.

At home and happy is the best feeling!

Culinary Colors




Color-code the contents of your cabinets and brighten counters with new appliances and kitchen ware.



Rachel Ray Stoneware and other products

available in yummy hues such as: Eggplant (shown), Red, Chocolate, Orange, Green, and Bright Blue


Paula Deen Signature Porcelain 12-pc. Cookware Set: Butter

Paula Deen Signature Porcelain Cookware and other products

available in charcoal speckled texture, solids and duo-tones like Butter (shown above), Robin’s egg blue, brown sugar, oatmeal, red, purple, rustic green and olive– just to name a few


Le Creuset Signature 11-Piece Cookware Set, Cobalt Blue

Le Creuset Signature Cookware Sets from Williams-Sonoma

Choose from variety of colors, including: Cobalt Blue (shown),  Flame Orange, Ocean Blue, Classic Red, Dune/Ivory, Lemongrass– which is a really trendy color this year. Some people are using a similar shade and calling it Grellow.

CB2 by Crate&Barell coined the term and shows it throughout their new catalog for home decor and furniture like dining room tables…


GinnyS Brand 4 Slice Toaster

Ginny’s Brand Exclusive Toaster and other kitchen/dining products

Selection of their spectrum: Denim Blue (shown), Basil, Red Delicious, Steel, Charcoal, Peacock, and White for those of you prefer classic/plain-jane/vanilla.


KitchenAid® 5-Quart Artisan™ Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixers and other delicious gadgets

found at BedBath&Beyond; a gift from my Mother-in-law

available in so many colors its scary: White, Ice Blue, Almond, Green Apple, Pistachio, Pink, Tangerine, Caviar, shades of Black, Gray, Chrome, Cobalt Blue, Empire Red, Majestic Yellow, Blue Willow, Gloss Cinnamon, and so on…

Basically all the colors of the rainbow or box of crayons. It’s like Crayola helped design and name these colorful culinary products. I wish I could be the person that comes up with new color games. I think I would be really good at it.


Add a splash of color to your kitchen or cupboard. This tonal trend is popping up everywhere. I think all cookware designers now offer items in bright colors. You can mix it up or pick one color for your entire collection.

For me, I love red… and although it doesn’t coordinate with the kitchen in the house we bought… I still love all my red appliances and how great they look. Cooking is fun and this just adds another level to it.

Spice things ups! Don’t be afraid of being bold in the kitchen. Next to the bedroom, I believe the kitchen is the second most important room in a house. Our families spend lots of time there. We spend time their while whipping up recipes– so our personalities can show through in the cookware we use.



This little pig went to market…

Pigs are one of man’s most useful and intelligent domesticated animals, but they never seem to get their due. Today is their day!

It’s National Pig Day! A time to celebrate the little oinkers. They may appear dirty but are really clean creatures. To most people they are just smelly farm animals that make great meals. But Pigs are actually really cute. Just think Charlotte’s Web!

I’ve found some images and decor that show just how adorable they can be.

Greeting card by Patience Brewster

A line of cards and prints from an illustrator/artist who is inspired by all god’s creatures that she grew up loving.


Product Image Circo® Hearts Piggy Bank 

Perfectly Patterned Piggy Banks by Circo, available at Target


Pigs and Hearts Bib

xoxo for hog lovers

Pigs and Hearts design available on all kinds of apparel and accessories like this baby bib.

Fun pig art from designer Lil’ Pig Shop listing on cafepress.

“Show off your pig loving self with this whimsical pig original by JGoode. Pig t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, novelty gifts and more. Pigs and Hearts, hog fun for every pig lovers.”


Whimsical Pig Weathervane

Domesticated decor for your home or barn from Good Directions 


Whimsical Pig Blank Art Card 

ThinkLocal esty dealer designs blank cards that are simple and sweet.

“This adorable little piggy is the perfect card for a child’s birthday card, invitations, or just a card to brighten their day. He is a pretty turquoise blue on a purple background.”


“Snout for a Spout”

Babe Yi Xing Clay Teapot 


Ben's Birthday Bash

Party Piggy perfect for any Birthday Bash

This 2-piece set from Lenox will make anyone smile. It makes the happy birthday tune pop right into my head…



All these images really make we want to own a little piglet — but I don’t think Jim would like that… and I’m sure Inky the cat wouldn’t either. Guess I’ll have to pet some pigs my text trip to the petting zoo.

And I hate to say it but National Pig Day also makes me want to pig out on some BBQ. Being from the South, pork barbeque and all the fixings is like the Cheesesteak is to Philly.

Pigs really are perfect little creatures and it’s a shame more people don’t celebrate their cuteness.

Saving Some Benjamins

When did Presidents Day become such a day for savings?

This holiday has turned into just a day off for federal employees (Jim loves it) and a day/weekend for people to enjoy lots of sales.  I haven’t seen anything in the news or our community about anything Presidential.

Maybe the schools highlight and honor our founding fathers… but I don’t see how 30-70% off is doing anything to remind us of our great leaders.

I don’t want to complain about saving money because I’m all for that, however I think if this day is so important then somebody should figure out a way we can celebrate our history and historical figures.

I haven’t come up with any ideas yet but if I do maybe I’ll write to my congressman. haha

Today, since Jim had off work, we went shopping and ordered our dining room furniture. It was nice to take advantage of the special sales– so thank you Mr. President (current and past) for this day to save some dough.

Put A Spring In Your Step!

With warmer weather approaching my wardrobe needs cleaning just like my house.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for dust bunnies…

It’s that time of year when you start packing up the winter clothes (well depending on where you live). I’m going to begin sorting thru all my clothes and shoes. Some things that I never wear need to be disposed of or donated. Clothes needs to be dry cleaned and shoes need to be shined up.

In my case I know I have a few shoes and handbags that need repairing — some style TLC.

My snow boots and coats and start making their way back to the attic. And my main winter coat needs the zipper fixed.

Our house is clean and now our closets will be updated. Jim will be fixing the coat closet door so it actually closes and then I’ll really feel like things are coming together. With only a few remodeling projects left I’m excited for Spring and Summer and being able to really enjoy our house. Maybe finally we can have the whole family over to visit.

Out with the old and making room for new!! (maybe I’ll be able to afford some new shoes for Spring)

Snow Storm Checklist

Crazy weather means you need a checklist… and no not a grocery list for Milk and Bread- lol

As still fairly new homeowners, we have gotten a crash course this winter in how to deal with the snow. No snowblower means back-breaking shoveling and digging out the car in the driveway.

Along the way we’ve learned a few tricks… so now it’s almost like a checklist for each storm.

  • Salt for sidewalks
  • Shovels with good handles and metal edge or bottom
  • Pam or cooking spray- YES really! It’s good to spray the shovels so the ice, snow and slush don’t stick
  • Scrapers for the car windows– equipped with a brush (so forget the broom) and long pole (for us short people)
  • And never leave the scraper in the car
  • Leave the windshield wipers point up so they don’t get frozen down.
  • Clean rain gutters and drains
  • Find the boots and bundle up.
  • And maybe make friends with the guy down the street with a snowblower… or keep an eye out for one on sale at The Home Depot (yes Dad we shop there, it’s closer than Lowe’s).

Our house has a mudroom which is perfect for storing all the supplies and a great place to dry out clothes after playing in the snow. And I’m excited because we just purchased a bench and shelf to put in the mudroom. It will be a great place to store gloves, hats, umbrellas and things for all the snow that’s sure to come since winter isn’t over. I’ll have to add a picture to the house album I’m making with before and after photos.

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow! We have a snow day together but for those of you that made the trek to work… be safe and stay warm!